This category was created to talk on the topic of minimalism, what it is, why it matters, and variations of minimalism.

Since around 1999, I have slowly began shifting towards minimalism, and have had many interested experiences to share.

In 1999, I became aware that I was living in clutter and holding onto everything I owned, even when I didn’t use them. I don’t know what my thought process was at that time, but something inspiried me to pack up all my barbies and donate them to the goodwill.

This was my first step on this journey that has lasted till this day, and will continue to last my life.

But what is minimalism really?

Some people view minimalism as owning only what you need. Some people believe they must own only 100 items or less to be a minimalist. But what is correct?

Honestly, there are so many views of what minimalism is that it’s hard to get a true definition. Here is what my personal definition has evolved to:

Minimalism to me is about living with intention. It’s about not allowing your “stuff” to overwhelm you and take over your life, but to rather have items that have purpose and reason for being under your ownership. When this type of minimalism is created, there is more peace, clarity, and time made available in life. This reduces stress and creates space for truly living. “Living with less, but only the best” helps us to better focus on what really matters in life.

In one short blurb, I’d say that minimalism is about having peace and harmony with your possessions and home.


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