Foods High in Chromium

Hello everyone! I put together this list because it seemed almost impossible for me to find a real comparative list online. I hope you find it helpful.

I found that I was low in chromium and I personally preferred to find whole food sources of chromium, instead of taking supplements.

Chromium is a vital trace mineral that is important for insulin function, glucose metabolism, and lipid metabolism. Low chromium levels may lead to insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.1 Chromium deficiency also affects the body in many other ways…

Foods High in Chromium

Note: adult women should consume 25 mcg, and men 35 mcg daily

mcg = micrograms = μg

Foods High in Chromium:

Mussels: 125mcg per 3.5 oz serving, another source said 128 mcg per 100g(3.53 oz)

Oyster: 57 mcg per 100g (3.53 oz)

Sweet Potatoes: 1 cup = 41 mcg

Pears: 24 mcg per 100g

Cheddar Cheese: 24mcg per 100g (3.53oz) or 10.2mcg per 1.5 oz serving cheese

Broccoli: 1 cup = 22 mcg, & another source said 16 mcg per 100g. 1 cup broccoli weighs around 90g, therefore 1 cup = 14.4 mcg.

Grape Juice: 7.5 mcg per cup

Grapes: around 0.1 to 0.2 mcg/gram, 113g is about 4 oz, therefore 4oz might offer 11/3 to 22.6 mcg

Spinach: 13 mcg per 100g, but another source said 2mcg per 250g

Swiss Chard: 1 cup of cooked Swiss chard = ~2 to 4 micrograms chromium

Dates, dried: 29 mcg per 100g

Almonds: 10g almonds = 1 microgram, 1 oz almonds = 2.8 μg chromium

Pumpkin Seeds: 10g pumpkin seeds = 1 microgram, 1 oz pumpkin seeds = 2.8 μg chromium

Brazil Nuts: 1mcg per nut, about 3mcg per 3 nut serving, another source said 100mcg per 100g (3.53oz). That would be 28mcg per oz.

Tomato: 20mcg per 100g

Mushrooms: 17mcg per 100g

Barley: 13.3 mcg chromium per 100g (likely uncooked, not specified)

Oats: 13.79 mcg chromium per 100 g (likely uncooked, not specified)

Hazelnut: 12mcg per 100g or 3.4 mcg per oz

Foods With around 1-2mcg Chromium per serving:

Potatoes: 1.5 mcg per 100g, another source said 5mcg per 100g & another says about 2.7 mcg/cup

Apples: 1.4mcg per 100g (3.53oz)

Beef: 3 oz = 2 mcg, and another source said 3mcg per 100g (3.53 oz)

Herring: 2 mcg per 100g or 3.53oz

Tomato Juice: 1 cup = 1.5 mcg

Orange Juice: 1 cup = 2.2 mcg, another source said 6% DV

Green Beans: ½ cup = 1.1 mcg, another source says 1.63mcg per 100g & another says 2.2 mcg/cup

Turkey Breast: 2.35 mcg per 100g, another source said 1.7 mcg per 3 oz.

Cranberries: 0.02mg/kg to 1.5 mg/kg = 20mg/35.27 oz = 1.13 mcg/2oz serving

Whole Wheat Flour: 36gram slice wheat bread = 1mcg, another source said 21 mcg/100g (flour only)

Foods With Some Chromium, but kind of low:

Eggs: 2 eggs = 1mcg

Romaine Lettuce: 1.32mcg per 100g (3.53 oz). A salad generally has around 2.5 oz lettuce, so 0.9 mcg

Kale: 0.26 mcg per 100g

Chicken Breast: 0.5 mcg per 3 oz

Carrots: a medium size raw carrot (abt 2.2 oz) has around 0.3 mcg, so 4oz carrot = 0.54 mcg

Cabbage: 1.28 mg of chromium per kilogram (35.3oz) = 0.15 mcg per 4oz



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