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A No-Poo Method That Really Works

Have you tried going WO (water only) and found that it made your hair too sticky and gross? Have you tried the BS & ACV (baking soda & apple cider vinegar) method but it made your hair feel too waxy? I found […]

How to Make Time for Everything You Love

Today’s article is about the importance of time management. Do you ever feel like you don’t have any time anymore? Are you constantly feeling rushed and short on time to do the things you love? This article will help your productivity and […]

Get Clear Skin by Not Washing Your Face

Don’t be thrown off by the title. This article is about skin cleansing and new information that may help you better understand how your skin works, and how to better take care of it, although not washing you face is […]

What I Learned After One Week of No Poo

For those who don’t know what “no poo” is, it is basically finding other methods of washing your hair without using shampoo….yep no shampoo. The most popular form of “no poo” is water only, or WO. It is a great […]